Changes to Hospice Visitor Restrictions

When: 01/05/2020 12:00am

Albany Community Hospice has reviewed its COVID-19 Pandemic Management Plan in line with the Government guidelines, reduction of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in WA and broadened COVID-19 testing.

As a result we have made the following changes:

  • Visiting hours have been extended to 2 hours twice a day from 10am-12pm and 5-7pm
  • Visitors can be any 2 persons (patients are no longer required to nominate the same 2 visitors but only close family or support persons can visit)
  • All visitors will be screened as a risk management strategy at entry, requested to wash their hands and staff will record on a register that screening has taken place.
  • If a visitor answers yes to any of the screening questions they will not be allowed into the Hospice, but will be provided with the appropriate technological means to communicate with their loved one in the Hospice.
  • If someone is active in their terminal phase of dying, we will grant “compassionate access” with increased access of immediate family up to 10 people and with increased times of visiting (in line with WA Government updated gathering restrictions 27/4/2020)
  • Social distancing and respiratory hygiene/etiquette to be followed at all times in the ACH.
  • Family common room areas remain closed, and for family meetings there are designated areas to gather outside the patient’s room, such as in the garden and two areas within the building.
  • Children under 16 years of age may be granted access only in consultation with Clinical Hospice Manager
  • Pets are welcome in visiting times and must be controlled at all times e.g. on a leash

We will continue to monitor how these changes work so as to maintain a safe working environment and provide compassionate access for our patients and their families at a time when they need it the most.

Whilst at present there has been little evidence of community acquired transmission in the Great Southern Region, we wish to assure the community that we continue to maintain screening protocols and infection prevention and control measures to mitigate any risk and we will review these changes if any risk becomes evident.

We welcome any comment or request for clarification and thank you for your understanding.


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