Medical Credentialing at the Hospice

When: 12:00am

Albany Community Hospice provides an environment where professionals with appropriate qualifications and experience can deliver safe, high quality palliative care services. The credentialing system supports this by reviewing the credentialing and scope of clinical practice applications for all doctors seeking to provide services within the hospice.

The Board of Management delegates the responsibility for credentialing and scoping clinical practice to the Medical Credentialing Committee. This committee meets every 2 months to review any new applications and to review those up for re-credentialing. Doctors become accredited for a period of 3 years unless there is a breach in the agreement.

Currently we have most GPs from all the practices in Albany credentialed and this assists doctors to be able to provide continuity of care to their patients from the home to hospice. We advise all new doctors to the area to become credentialed with us so that they are prepared in case one of their patients require our services. The application forms can be found on our website

Dates for orientation to the hospice and information sessions can also be found at this site.

For extra information about credentialing please refer to:

National Safety and Quality standards

WA Health Medical Credentialing Policy


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