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Albany Community Hospice is an eight bed inpatient palliative care service located in Albany and it is an integral part of the provision of palliative care in the region. The Hospice is a not for profit organisation that is licensed as a private hospital to deliver inpatient palliative care. It is accredited by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards to meet the National Safety Quality Health Service Standards. Albany Community Hospice has been serving the community of Albany and the surrounding region for over 25 years. It is a much loved and cherished part of the community and this is reflected in the level of community fundraising and donations as well as the valuable and significant volunteer hours donated.

Our Services

How can we help you?

  • Hospice is defined as a home-like setting for individuals who have end-stage illnesses that require holistic care.
  • Including regular assessment of symptoms and changes in treatment and care plans, and who are unable or do not wish to remain at home when they pass away.
  • The evidence supports that hospice care is safe, high quality, patient-centred, and cost effective.


  • Your support, large or small, will contribute to Hospice’s commitment to be a centre of excellence in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.
  • It will help to provide current opportunities, fund new ones, and ensure the ongoing presence of a specialist unit in Albany.
  • As a donor, you can be assured that your generosity will go towards clinical services, new technology and equipment, and quality education and training programs, all of which will enhance Hospice’s existing services.