Family & Carer Support

At Albany Community Hospice our support Coordinator provides support to the Guests, the Carers and their Family and Friends.

Our Support Coordinator touches base to help our guest and carers to explore what needs they may have ranging from physical, financial, emotional, social to spiritual. Sometimes there can be challenges with family dynamics and issues that families may wish to address while their loved one is still present.

We support the guest and family to explore their support networks, the people, places and commitments that they have in their lives to see the community they belong to. We encourage them to allow themselves be nurtured at their time of need and assist in facilitating use of the family and community resources available.

Our families are provided with time discuss the processes occurring as well as publications to assist them in their preparations for the death of their loved ones and support for their loss and bereavement journey.

Following the death of our guests the support Coordinator continues the Hospice support to their loved ones. We check in with families who may be experiencing challenges ongoing and support them to access services. We send our condolences from the Albany Community Hospice Family following their loss and we catch up with families in person at our quarterly Memorial Day reflective service.

Weavers Program for Carers

The Weavers peer-to-peer support program, pioneered by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, was designed by carers for carers, supporting them to manage the ongoing challenges on the caring journey. By connecting them with a volunteer ‘Weaver’, an experienced and trained former carer, the person gains an ally to walk alongside them, share stories and knowledge about services and strategies. This in turn enables the carer to be more effective in their caring role, reducing stress and increasing well-being.

Albany Community Hospice has adopted this 12 month Weavers Pilot Project as an important step toward further enhancing the delivery of palliative care in the region.

The Weavers program is an opportunity for the Hospice to increase the capacity of the community to care for their own. This aligns with our strategic plan and we hope to increase the well-being of carers so that they care for their loved one” says our Hospice Manager, Michelle McClure.

Currently, we are looking for volunteers who:

  • Have been there and understand the challenges of caring for someone on their end-of-life journey.
  • Want to use what they’ve learnt to support others in similar situations.

The Weavers Project is a peer-to-peer support program which recognises the need to support the carer along their caring journey. The ultimate aim is for the carer to regain a sense of control in their situation and to access supports around them to make their caring journey easier.

Albany Community Hospice is establishing this exciting new project, pioneered by The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, and is seeking volunteer ‘Weavers’ to join the wonderful, supportive team working together to make a real difference in our community.The volunteer ‘Weavers’ will attend a 2-day training program and will be supported through one-to-one catch-ups and regular learning lunches. Together our local Weaver network will reflect on learnings, share experiences and contribute to the development of this project.


For those interested in this unique volunteer experience, you can find out more by calling our Volunteer Support Coordinator Andrew Talmage on 9892 2456 or by emailing

Useful Resources

Caring at Home Project

The caring@home package for carers is designed to support one-on-one training by nurses who are teaching a carer to help manage breakthrough symptoms safely using subcutaneous medicines.

The package provides practical information that carers can refer to at any time and is appropriate for all jurisdictions in Australia. 

Our Mission

Albany Community Hospice is a leader in the provision of expert palliative care, education and support so all members of the community can experience death with grace in a manner and place of their choice.

Our Vision

The community, as individuals and collectively, values and embraces death and dying as an integral part of life.

Our Values

  • Compassion and caring
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Inclusive and judgement free
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Innovative