Family & Carer Support

At Albany Community Hospice our support Coordinator provides support to the Guests, the Carers and their Family and Friends.

Our Support Coordinator touches base to help our guest and carers to explore what needs they may have ranging from physical, financial, emotional, social to spiritual. Sometimes there can be challenges with family dynamics and issues that families may wish to address while their loved one is still present.

We support the guest and family to explore their support networks, the people, places and commitments that they have in their lives to see the community they belong to. We encourage them to allow themselves be nurtured at their time of need and assist in facilitating use of the family and community resources available.

Our families are provided with time discuss the processes occurring as well as publications to assist them in their preparations for the death of their loved ones and support for their loss and bereavement journey.

Following the death of our guests the support Coordinator continues the Hospice support to their loved ones. We check in with families who may be experiencing challenges ongoing and support them to access services. We send our condolences from the Albany Community Hospice Family following their loss and we catch up with families in person at our quarterly Memorial Day reflective service.

Our Mission

Albany Community Hospice is a leader in the provision of expert palliative care, education and support so all members of the community can experience death with grace in a manner and place of their choice.

Our Vision

The community, as individuals and collectively, values and embraces death and dying as an integral part of life.

Our Values

  • Compassion and caring
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Inclusive and judgement free
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Innovative